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mage k0


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PostSubject: DEMOTE AC ?   Sat May 23, 2009 3:56 pm

i got my prem today.
i saw people having a drop
so i thought kool ill have a drop
i was about to drop
2 verac helms a fail i think bandos tassets and soem other stuff
a guy traded me and said show me
i showed him wt i was dropping
he said oh kool
i dc says im banned
i go to fourms and ac said i was dropping d bows?

my logs?

S h o w time: Coins 2, 87537845
S h o w time: Shark, 4035
S h o w time: Body rune, 7000
S h o w time: Chaos rune, 7000
S h o w time: Law rune, 7000
S h o w time: Water rune, 7000
S h o w time: Mind rune, 7170
S h o w time: Earth rune, 7000
S h o w time: Bronze arrow(p), 6531

banned me for nothing this guy is the worst admin ive ever met without no proof he bans me in seconds thinking im duping.
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PostSubject: Re: DEMOTE AC ?   Sun May 24, 2009 11:44 am

Don't make a post about the same thing in two different sections!
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dds spec ftw

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PostSubject: Re: DEMOTE AC ?   Sun May 24, 2009 11:49 am

Well first of all don't do drop party's at all because it's against the rules.
and 2th of all Ac did the right think he shouldn't be demoted lol..
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PostSubject: Re: DEMOTE AC ?   Sun May 24, 2009 11:55 am

well kid i gotta problem with this
u r obviously fucking retarded and u have no since of respect for anyone
u cant just join a server and expect 2 do wat ever the hell u want
u must b fucking stupid or something i am behind AC all the way he did wat was right
o and by the way kid if u ever want ur account back i reccomend not flaming the co-owner of the game
that is common sence dont u think

sorry about the language.........but i get so pissed when stupid fucking people come 2 a server and start flaming the staff of the server
i mean obviously u did something wrong so take ur punishment and deal with it.
i mean today people were getting jailed like crazy for pking at the shops
and well i was behind the mod who did it i reported most of the pkers 2 him
and i was sent 2 the jail 2 talk 2 all the people and they were freaking out calling the mod who did it all sorts of names
and i was trying 2 calm them down and they wouldnt do it so i told the mod 2 leave em there for GOOD but of course since this mod was cool
he let them all out after a while even thought they were flaming like none other

AC did wat was right kid get over it

o and bud he doesnt deserve 2 get demoted he is helping the server by getting rid of people like u so i am behind him all the way

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PostSubject: Re: DEMOTE AC ?   

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